For adult swimmers only

Swimming has so many great benefits, both physically and mentally. Whether you are looking to improve your fitness or just enjoy a leisurely swim, our adult only membership may just be what you need!

For a small monthly fee, you will have access to a beautifully maintained 25 metre, 6 lane, indoor swimming pool at Heathfield School, Ascot.

  • Joining our Adult Membership has never been so easy. Simply download our Frogtastic app and apply to become a member.
  • Within the app you will find details of when the pool is available to use. In addition to this, by installing the app we can keep you updated with any key information about the pool and its use.
  • The pool is available to adults (aged 18+) Monday - Friday throughout the year. Members are able to invite their immediate family to swim at the weekends.
  • Subscription based payment. You are charged every 30 days. Your membership starts immediately after your 1st payment.
  • Cancel anytime. Your subscription ends when your last paid 30 days expire.

Can I bring my children during the week in the school holidays?

Unfortunately not. Children are able to swim at the weekends during school holiday periods.

Is the pool set out with lanes?

Yes. Monday - Friday the pool is split evenly into 6 lanes. At the weekends, there are 2 lanes for regular swimming and then the rest of the pool is open for ‘free swimming’.

Is there a particular session that is quieter than others?

There is no pattern! What could be deemed as a quiet day one week, may then be busier the following week. Typically, it is quite rare to have more than 4 swimmers sharing a lane during the week. The weekends do tend to be a lot busier.

I’m not a very strong swimmer, do you offer adult tuition?

We are not in a position to offer adult swimming lessons but all our member swim sessions have a fully qualified lifeguard on duty at all times. We wouldn’t recommend the adult membership to weak/non swimmers but providing you are confident swimming out of your depth, we welcome all abilities!

Swimming Pool Admissions Policy

The Pool Admission Policy aims to safeguard swimmers that are most at risk when swimming.

This policy does not intend to prevent children from having fun in the water and enjoying the physical and social benefits of swimming, nor create unnecessary barriers for external groups, parents and guardians when accessing the swimming pool.

The policy takes into account guidelines from the Health & Safety Executive (HSG 179) and recommendations from the Chartered Institute of the Management of Sports and Physical Activity (CIMSPA).

All children under the age of 8 must be accompanied in the water by a responsible person.

Children under the age of 4 must wear approved floatation devices and remain in designated safe areas.

The following ratios apply to unstructured swim sessions. These are sessions without a formal structure where bathers are able to play and swim within the confines of the pool.

Children under 4 years

1 adult to 2 children ratio

Supervision / Precautions Required:

  • A responsible person must be directly present in the water with the child/ren at all times.
  • Children must wear approved floatation devices unless the ratio is 1:1 and parents are in constant contact.
  • Child/ren and parents stay in the shallow end.
Children 4 - 7 years

1 adult to 2 children ratio

Supervision / Precautions Required:

  • A responsible person must be directly present in the water with the child/ren at all times.
  • If children are not confident swimmers, approved floatation devices must be worn and they must stay in the shallow end.

Children 8 years +

Supervision / Precautions Required:

  • No parent supervision is required providing the child can swim at least 25 metres, unaided.
  • Children must be able to swim 25 metres as a minimum.

  • Approved Floatation Devices or Swimming aids e.g. armbands, must be endorsed with the standard EN13138-1:2003 or later and marked ‘CE’.
  • Responsible person must be aged 16 years or above and be a competent swimmer of 25 metres as a minimum.
  • Unstructured swim sessions are sessions that are open to the public and not led by a teacher or instructor.
  • For specific sessions (i.e. swimming lessons, parties etc.) ratios may differ depending on the associated risks.
  • Swimmers are requested to check water depth signs before using the pools and to not swim out of their depth.
  • Non-swimmers must confine themselves to the shallow end of the pool. A non-swimmer is someone who cannot swim 25 metres unaided and tread water for 30 seconds.
  • Diving is ONLY allowed in the deep end.
  • Babies must not be submerged in the pool.
  • Babies should not be left on the poolside in prams or car seats.
  • Always listen to the lifeguards and follow their instructions.
  • Please do not wear diving masks, snorkels, flippers or glass-lensed spectacles.
  • The use of cameras and video equipment is prohibited.

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