Recommencing Swimming Lessons

on Monday 27th July 2020

Key Information for parents and teachers

Will lessons take place at the same time as the Spring Term?

In order for us to offer lessons safely, we have had to stagger some of the start times. This means some classes will have a slightly different start time than that of the Spring Term. In order to find out the time of your lesson, please log in to your Frogs & Friends online account.

Will I be able to watch my child swim?

Unfortunately, due to current social distancing requirements, swimmers will only be allowed to be accompanied by 1 parent/guardian. All adult spectators MUST wear a face mask whilst in the swimming pool building.

Reducing social clustering

Traditionally lessons have always started on the hour or half hour. This invariably means that children and parents from up to 3 or 4 classes may all arrive and depart at the same time. In order to reduce this social clustering, we have decided to stagger the start times of all classes. Your new allocated start time can be found by logging into your Frogs & Friends online account.

At some locations there may be changes to the way in which you exit the building. If you attend a site that has a different exit point this will be explained upon arrival.

When should you arrive on site? VERY IMPORTANT

In order for our staggered approach to be an effective way of reducing social clustering, we ask that parents do not enter the swimming pool building any earlier than 5 minutes before your child's allocated lesson time. We appreciate some parents will have more than 1 child swimming at a different time. If this is the case, you are able to enter the building 5 minutes prior to your earliest class start time and remain in the pool building until all your children have swum.

Access to changing rooms

Unfortunately, at this early back to swimming stage, swimmers will not have access to the changing rooms and showers. Both the Government and Swim England recognise that the greatest risk of infection lies not within the swimming pool itself but in and around the associated facilities. With this in mind we ask that swimmers please arrive ‘swim ready’ and depart wearing a poncho, onesie or towelling robe. Whilst we appreciate this is not ideal, it is an approach that is likely to be commonplace during the next few months.

How will the swimming lessons be conducted?

Although swimmers may be a little out of practice, they will still be working in conjunction with the Frogs & Friends syllabus. In order to build up their confidence and stamina, we will try and make the lessons as fun as possible, whilst incorporating progressive practices.

Younger swimmers - In line with Swim England guidelines, our instructors will be teaching from the poolside where possible. With children's safety at the forefront of our minds, should the teacher be required to enter the water they will position themselves in such a way that they are able use an aid to assist the child whilst maintaining social distancing protocols.

Intermediate/advanced swimmers - Those children that are able to move freely through the water will be taught from the poolside.

Anxious/tearful children - Our teachers have always taken a very nurturing approach to teaching anxious children. Frogs & Friends have a duty of care to both our staff and pupils and as such we will need to make sure we adhere to social distancing protocols. Unfortunately, this may mean if you have a child that is having difficulty adjusting to swimming independently (with or without aids) we will try our best to integrate them into the lesson. However, there may be a need for you as the parent to comfort your child away from the poolside. If this is the case your child's swimming teacher will make you aware of the situation.

Social distancing expectations whilst swimming

Swim England highlights that whilst swimmers are static in the water, participants should always follow current government guidance on social distancing. However, they also recognise that when swimmers are moving the actual time a swimmer is close to another swimmer will be considered a mitigating factor which will reduce risk.

In simple terms, it is assumed that during swimming lessons when the activity is controlled, it will be inevitable that passing participants may come into close proximity to each other. However, the time each swimmer would be next to each other would be significantly low enough for the risk of transmission of infection to be deemed acceptable (Swim England Guidance).

Maintaining safe site standards

Following the recent PWTAG (Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group) advice and in-line with our standard operating procedures, we are working with the facilities we use to ensure that health and safety measures are in place and adhered to. This includes:

  • 1 - Frequent and regular testing of pool water quality
  • 2 - Full compliance of pool water pH and disinfectant levels
  • 3 - Regular pool water microbiological test carried out by specialist laboratories
  • 4 - Structured cleaning regime

Staff training and competency

Frogs & Friends staff have undertaken COVID-19 training by a Swim England Tutor. In addition to this they have also completed a back to work Competency Test by a Tutor from The Royal Lifesaving Society.

Terms & Conditions relating to refunds

When booking with Frogs & Friends you would have agreed to our terms and conditions relating to cancellations due to circumstances beyond our control. These can be found at T’s&C’s. Our terms state:

There may be circumstances beyond our control and contemplation, in which the pool might not be available for Frogs & Friends sessions. Examples of these circumstances include (but are not limited to) damage to the pool, severe weather conditions including snow and power failures. In such a case no refund will be issued.

Pool hire is booked and paid for in full prior to the start of any new term. In addition to this, instructors and lifeguards are also contracted for each term in advance.

Where reasonably possible, Frogs & Friends will try and include an additional lesson during half term breaks or school holiday periods. However this can be in no way guaranteed.

Frogs & Friends are committed to ensuring a high level of customer service and as such we are striving to deliver over and above our contractual obligations. We will be providing a short 3 week course for those who missed lessons during the Spring Term.

The Government announced that swimming pools can reopen on Saturday 25th July 2020 and we will be starting our catch up course on Monday 27th July 2020. This reflects how committed we are to providing our customers with best value.

We are aware that some of our customers may not be in a position to attend all 3 weeks, or may not feel comfortable attending during the current global pandemic. In such circumstances we will unfortunately not be able to move students to alternative classes, offer refunds or credits.

In order to run the short 3 week course, Frogs & Friends are incurring some unforeseen, significant additional costs. If we were in a position to offer refunds for swimmers that were not able to attend, then these costs would have to be passed on to all customers at a later date. This is something we are proactively trying to avoid.

Summer Term fees

If you have made a payment for the Summer Term your course fees will be used for swimming lessons during the Autumn Term.

If you are unable to attend the Autumn Term and would like a refund this is something we can action for you very quickly. Simply let us know and we will issue the refund to you.

Once the 3 week course is underway, we will then start to look at completing the Summer Term timetable with a view to starting early September. We will be in contact with all parents who have booked for the Summer Term with further information.