COVID Testing

Covid Testing Policy

What is the protocol if somebody within a bubble/lane shows COVID-19 symptoms prior to or during a Lesson?

If a child in a ‘bubble/class’ shows symptoms related to COVID-19, they must not attend their swimming class. If the symptoms become apparent during a lesson, the instructor must remove the child from the class. The child must then go for a test.

Parents must inform the Frogs & Friends support office that a child has been taken for a test. These details will then be logged.

The child will need to stay away from the class until the results of that test are known.

Others swimmers within that class can continue to swim until the results are known. If the result is positive, the entire class, including the instructor and any assistants, will then need to isolate for 14 days. If the result is negative, the swimmer will return.

What is the protocol for informing parents if someone within a class tests positive for COVID-19?

It’s the responsibility of individuals/parents to contact Track and Trace and to provide them with details of any people they have been in contact with at less than 2 metres, for more than 15 minutes. Frogs & Friends is responsible for keeping a record of all attendees at sessions and these details should be provided to Track and Trace upon request if the subject is unable to provide these themselves.