Important Announcement

Important Developments to our Holiday Activities

You may be interested to know that over the last 12 months Frogs & Friends has been working on the implementation of a new sister organisation called ‘360 sports education’ which will operate all non-water based activities.

These activities include:

  • Holiday Camps
  • Primary School PE Teacher Training/PPA provision
  • After School Clubs and Activities
  • School PE lessons
  • Non-Water Based Parties

360 sports education was launched in September 2015 and shares the same values and goals as Frogs & Friends.

Since its incorporation, 360 sports education has already been delivering regular PE lessons and after school clubs to many local schools. 360 staff have also been working alongside the Frogs & Friends Holiday Activity Team to ensure they fully understand the expectations of our customers.


Why it is happening?

Whilst all water based activities including swimming lessons, parties and membership have continued to grow over the last 6 years, the holiday activities have remained fairly constant.

HYPE Camps have always been very well received and to improve on this we recognise that we have to have the right people in the right position.

360 sports education will be led and managed by Rick Morris (Director of Operations) and Chris Evans (Director of Sports Education). Both Rick and Chris are hugely experienced in the delivery of child related activities and also hold a vast array of industry related coaching qualifications. This mix of experience and qualifications will ensure your child receives the very best care when attending any of the 360 sports education service provisions.

In addition, Jo Bune will be joining the 360 team from May and will be responsible for all administration and general enquiries.

When will this take place?

Those of you who have attended recent Holiday Camps at Bishopsgate School and The Marist School over the last 6 months may have already noticed a change of uniform and some new faces.

The 360 sports education website is now live and information regarding holiday activity camps will be displayed on this site. A link to the site will be shown on the Frogs & Friends home page.

Information regarding holiday activity booking

Parents wishing to book a place at camp will now need to do so via the 360 sports education website. The booking interface is very user friendly. It is exactly the same as the one used on the Frogs & Friends website. User names and passwords are also the same as the ones used on the Frogs & Friends website. If you have forgotten any of these details there is an account recovery function on the website.

Important information regarding childcare vouchers when paying for camp

All holiday camp sites have now been registered with Ofsted under 360 sports education.

The 360 team has registered with many childcare voucher companies, to ensure the process of paying with vouchers is as easy as possible.

If you wish to pay by childcare vouchers the venue you require will be listed by your provider as a 360 sports education venue.